What You Might Need to Know About Applying for a Partner Visa in Australia

Posted on: 30 August 2016


If you're planning on marrying someone in Australia or New Zealand, you may be eligible for a partner visa. This would allow you to stay in the country to be with him or her without needing a separate work or travel visa. While the visa is not always difficult to obtain, you cannot simply get engaged one day and then have the visa in your hands the next. Note a few things you might need to know about getting a temporary and then a permanent partner visa for Australia so you know what to expect and know if a migration agent from a group like Fisa Pty Ltd might be of assistance through the process.


There are always costs associated with filing for any type of visa, but for a partner visa there may be additional costs to consider. This might be the cost of a background check, a police records check, the cost for a health examination and the like; these are typically needed for anyone looking to stay in the country permanently. If there are children you want to bring with you, they can be sponsored as well, but typically there are additional fees for that sponsorship; they aren't included in the fee for the visa for which you're applying. A migration agent can advise you on the current costs for such an application and what other tests and paperwork you might need to arrange and pay for as well.


You cannot simply travel to Australia with your fiancé after applying for the visa; you need to be in the country and remain in the country while the visa application is being processed. If you have another type of eligible visa for which you've already been approved, you may be able to leave and return to the country as long as that visa is eligible, but a migration agent can note any location limitations and requirements for the partner visa application according to your current visa status.

What you're allowed to do

A temporary partner visa in Australia allows you to stay and either work and study in the country until a decision is made about your permanent partner visa, although you are not obligated to enrol in a study program or gain employment. You can also enrol in Medicare that is sponsored by the state while waiting for a decision about your permanent partner visa. Once you receive your permanent partner visa, you can then sponsor other relatives and also apply for citizenship.